Dying Light 2 writer David Bergantino recently told TheGamer that he is working on a “secret” project, for which he is creating his own brand new IP.

Dying Light 2 writer David Bergantino is currently working on a brand new. “secret” project, for which he is creating a totally fresh IP, right down to the world, characters, stories, and beyond.

“[Dying Light 2] is looking really sweet,” Bergantino told TheGamer in a recent interview. As well as working on Techland’s upcoming horror RPG, Bergantino is an established novelist, and has worked with writers as vast and varied as Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, and M Night Shyamalan.

Despite his excitement, however, Bergantino neglected to mention any further details about Dying Light 2 — which is understandable given that the game was delayed back in January, and has yet to even receive a concrete release date.

“The team, on every level, is just amazing and I truly enjoy working with them,” Bergantino says. “I’m very proud of my contribution, which at this point is far more wide-ranging than I could have imagined when I started. I look forward to its release and seeing what the audience thinks of it.”

However, although Bergantino was tight-lipped about Dying Light 2, he opened up a small bit more when it came to his other work. Granted, he was still almost completely secretive, but he did at least mention that he’s working on something else — something “secret.”

“Dying Light 2 is in some ways a dream project,” Bergantino says. “I’m making a substantial contribution to a game that’s one of the most anticipated console titles for next year, with people who are, again, just great to work with.”

“And I have another, even more secret project,” Bergantino explains, “with another large developer/publisher that’s not even a horror title, but for which I’m creating the entire IP: the world, the characters, the stories and the scripts.”

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about Bergantino’s new project right now — that it’s emphatically his, and that the IP is being devised from scratch. However, unlike Re:Turn – One Way Trip — the game Bergantino intends to launch on October 14 — it won’t be a horror game.