Bombardment: Alien Assault (In Development)

Bombardment: Alien Assault pits the player against an alien armada that has taken over the world! Starting with a base in alien-held territory, players manage resources, build up forces, upgrade defenses, and research new technologies in the hopes of strategically outmaneuvering the enemy.

Battle the invaders across 25 turn-based missions on land, sea, and air with a staggering variety of combat units and vehicles. Each mission carries its own set of challenges, including the size of the alien force, terrain obstacles, trapped citizens, and army fatigue from the long and bloody conflict. Liberate mankind before the aliens make us their lunch!


Bloodnet: City of Night (In Development)

BloodNet: City of Night is the long-awaited sequel to the BloodNet, released by MicroProse in 1993. Embark on an immersive journey as vampire Mark Santors as you unravel the mysteries of your past and come to terms with your identity while competing forces vie for power in a futuristic, cyberpunk New York. Use stealth and vampyric powers to feed on you enemies or simply blast them away with flamethrowers, shotguns, grenades, and more in this top-down thriller. Wage brutal combat in the real world or employ stealth and cunning in cyberspace to infiltrate enemy strongholds. Dispatch humans and vampires alike in your wake, harvest cybernetic components to sell on the black market, and enhance your health, stealth, and speed.


Heli Hell 2 (In Development)

GET TO DA CHOPPA in HELI HELL-2! HELI HELL-2 is an arcade vertical scroll shooter featuring the same manic action and addictive gameplay that netted its predecessor a 4.5 user rating on iTunes, but this time with all new levels, new helicopters, unique abilities, weapons, enemies, seasonal content, game modes, and co-op multiplayer! Blast through enemy bases, engage in stunning boss battles, and show the world what true carnage looks like!


Duel Racing (In Development)

Duel Racing harnesses the intensity of classic arcade race games and gives you full control of barely legal streetcars, with more extreme tuning than any other racing game available on the market today. Race with 22 beautiful, hand-crafted, customizable cars through a large, free-roaming urban environment across 7 unique game modes. Building upon tried and true traditional console racing gameplay and incorporating social, UI, and freemium monetization mechanics, Duel Racing is designed to be easy to pick up, with an incredibly deep upgrading system designed to hook players into coming back for one more race.


Uphill Rush featured on iOS

Team6 and Spil Games’ updated interpretation of the flash classic Uphill Rush is a hit! With a current rating of 4.5/5 stars, Uphill Rush is being featured on iOS’ New Games We Love section of the app store in 156 countries. Get in on the wacky action and bust out some backflips!


Sniper 3D Rust (In Development)

Zatun - Sniper 3D Rust - Title Zatun - Logo
Title: Sniper 3D Rust
Developer: Zatun
Platform: F2P Mobile
Genre: Sniper
Dev Stage: Prototype
Dev Time & Budget: Request using form below



Paranormal Activity atop the Steam sales chart

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, fully developed for VR from conception to completion by our client Game Mechanic Studios, is out on Steam Early Access now! It's getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from professional reviewers and those in the Steam community brave enough to explore the fully immersive, nightmarish environment. We're extremely proud of Game Mechanic...

Happy 10-Year Anniversary Puzzle Quest!

FOG Studios is extremely honored to be the exclusive agents of Infinity Plus 2 and all things Puzzle Quest. More importantly, we are very proud of Steve Fawkner and his team for continuing to delight players for decades, and we treasure the twenty-year friendship we enjoy with you all. Many thanks to our friends at...

Ed’s newest Under the Hat piece – Polishing your Pitch!

FOG CEO Ed Dille's exhaustive and immensely helpful Under The Hat blog series is back with a new entry on polishing your pitch, drawing on experience from FOG's 38 year history. The post can be found on this website under the FOG Blog tab or on Gamasutra!...

Polishing Your Pitch

We’ve all heard the question – What’s your game about?

After all, that’s why you asked for the meeting in the first place, to be able to answer that question. But if you need to set up a lap top, queue up the dancing bears or perform any other gyrations before you answer the question, then you already come off as unprepared. Don’t get me wrong, visual aids are important, but only after you have established a mindset where the potential buyer wants to see them. So, ideally, you are answering that question clearly and concisely in one minute or less, and thirty seconds is even better. You cannot get there without practicing with others and refining your message.