FOG Studios, the leading video game agency for the last 40 years, will be at E3 2019 taking most of its meetings in the Lobby of the JW Marriott by L.A. Live this year. If you can meet there, please feel free to block a slot using the book now link below, and be sure to include your full contact info including cellphone with your booking. Things get busy and folks run behind so…my number is also below. So, who am I looking to meet with this year?

  • Developers with good demos who want help finding a publisher/funding source for their project, and who are also open to external work opportunities as well. See Business Development Services.
  • Developers or Publishers who are looking for teams/talent for full or co-development, porting, live operations, art or animation outsourcing etc. See Game Development Services.
  • Publishers looking for publishing opportunities on PC, Console and/or mobile. Acquire for details.

If you can only meet on the show floor because you are tied to a booth, please DON’T use the link below. Just email me instead and I will try and coordinate a slot with you directly. Travel safely, and I hope to see you at E3 2019.

Ed Dille
Chairman & CEO
FOG Studios

1-215-704-5796 mobile (direct)