FOG Studios is extremely honored to be the exclusive agents of Infinity Plus 2 and all things Puzzle Quest. More importantly, we are very proud of Steve Fawkner and his team for continuing to delight players for decades, and we treasure the twenty-year friendship we enjoy with you all. Many thanks to our friends at D3P also for everything they have done over the last decade leading up to the celebration of this milestone!

On this day (March 20, 2007), Puzzle Quest was first introduced to the world with the launch of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on Nintendo DS and Sony PSP by D3Publisher (developed by Infinite Interactive). With this launch, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords became the original match-3 RPG™ and with its innovative gameplay and fanfare, the game went on to win numerous awards, including Best Downloadable Game at the Interactive Achievement Awards. For many, the battle to acquire a copy at launch was a challenge due to the popularity and limited quantity but the game finally became available everywhere in both stores and digital release.
Since the launch of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, where players became victorious in their battle to save the Kingdom of Etheria from the evil Lord Bane, new iterations have launched on PC, consoles and handheld devices including, Puzzle Quest Revenge of the Plague Lord, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, and Puzzle Quest 2.
In 2013, Marvel Puzzle Quest was released and has amassed millions of downloads, more than 100 characters from the Marvel Universe, and rose up the App Store and Google Play charts. As of early March 2017, Marvel Puzzle Quest has grossed more than 100 million dollars in sales. Since the launch of Marvel Puzzle Quest, both Adventure Time Puzzle Quest and Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest have been released on the App Store and Google Play delighting fans with fun and imaginative gameplay.
In honor of the 10-Year Anniversary, the following special offers are available for a limited time:
• Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is now 75% off on Steam and the PlayStation Store (only in North America and select countries in South America where available) until March 27. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will also be on sale starting tomorrow (March 21) at 75% off at the Xbox Games Store until March 27.
• Marvel Puzzle Quest features a 30% bonus on all hero points and iso-8 purchase starting today until March 27.
• Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest will provide all players with 100 free Mana Crystals that log into the game today, and there is a special sale that provides players 2 free Super Packs (sale ends March 26).

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